Green Office

綠色辦公 落實環保行動

From March 2021, FEDS has started to implement the “Employee Environmental Protection Activities” to incorporate environmental protection elements into the daily work of colleagues. In 2022, in addition to participating in the trial implementation of the draft of the Environmental Protection Administration’s “Environmental Label for Offices”, we encourage colleagues to implement green living through 8 major green actions. We hope to gather the strength of every colleague to achieve the sustainable goal of “energy saving, waste reduction, and low carbon”.

8 major green actions

Green point app

FEDS encourages colleagues to download the "Green point app" promoted by the Environmental Protection Administration to create value for environmental protection actions and become environmental activists. By the end of 2022, a total of 1,354 employees have completed the download, and the download rate is nearly 99%.

Green office measures

FEDS continues to respond to Environmental Protection Administration's 32 green office measures, covering 5 major aspects, including "energy resource saving", "source reduction", "green procurement", "environmental beautification" and "advocacy” to practice green living.

Green declaration

FEDS continues to advocate 6 environmental declarations of the office, including maintaining the air conditioner at 26 degrees for indoor conferences, and taking less elevators and walking more, encouraging colleagues to join the ranks of environmental protection, and love the earth with practical actions.

Green initiative

FEDS introduced 6 major international environmental protection initiatives such as World Earth Day and World Water Resources Day in a special article on the internal website, and invited colleagues to practice 2 to 3 green actions on the day of the event. By the end of 2022, 35 green actions have been shared, with a total of 3,718 visits.

Green e-newsletter

With reference to the environmental protection information promoted by the Environmental Protection Administration and the Bureau of Energy, FEDS rewrites it into a daily life e-newsletter, so that colleagues can grasp the latest environmental protection issues every month. By the end of 2022, 22 e-newsletters have been released, with a total of 6,761 visits.

Purchasing energy-efficient home appliances

For household appliances used in the office area, including refrigerators, circulating fans, microwave ovens, etc. FEDS invested more than NT$450,000 to purchase 40 household appliances with the Green Mark, and the purchased items increased by 133%.

Environmental beautification

To create a green office environment, a total of 56 large-scale plants were placed in the office area of the corporate headquarters and maintained regularly.

Leasing of office equipment

FEDS Invested nearly NT$1.2 million to respond to "lease instead of purchase", and all office areas lease office machines with environmental protection and energy saving labels to reduce resource consumption and promote resource reuse.

Future plans

Office environment

Office environment

  1. Evaluate the change of the lighting in the public spaces such as tea rooms and walkways to sensor lighting
  2. Increase the green area of the office and increase it to 5% and 10% in phases
  3. Prioritize the purchase of household appliances with the Green Mark
Environmental knowledge

Environmental knowledge

  1. Establish an “Environmental Education” section to provide more diverse environmental protection teaching materials
  2. In response to international environmental protection initiatives, and hold “Environmental Theme Month”
  3. Organize environmental protection lectures and workshops to enhance colleagues’ new knowledge on environmental protection
Carbon reduction activities

Carbon reduction activities

  1. Establish the “Employee Carbon Reduction Action Platform” to calculate the amount of carbon reduction achieved by colleagues in implementing environmental protection actions
  2. Organize the “Green Consumption King” campaign to encourage employees to dine in green restaurants
  3. Promote the “Healthy Activist” event, combine the Company’s existing weight loss activities and green power plan, and convert the weight loss of colleagues into the amount invested in green power