Local Social Welfare and Care

Caring for the society and connecting the power of love

In order to improve the situation of disadvantaged women and children, FEDS has been caring for the public welfare of women and children through sponsorship, fundraising, donations and other means. In 2022, 201 related activities were held, aiming to use the power of the "public welfare platform" to care about the plight of women and help them lead a happy life.

Caring for rural areas and lighting up hope

Affected by the social environment and economic conditions, many rural families face difficulties in life. To help more rural families, FEDS organizes resource raising, fundraising and other public welfare activities from time to time to spread love in rural areas, improve their living environment, allow rural families to get better care, and look forward to a better future.

Caring for the disadvantaged and spreading love

FEDS is aware that many disadvantaged families face more challenges in their lives due to lack of living ability or the influence of social environment. In order to improve the situation of disadvantaged groups, we continue to integrate resources, donate money and materials to help the disadvantaged, hold publicity activities to promote the rights and interests of the disadvantaged, and encourage the public to pay attention to human rights issues together, moving forward together with them towards a better future.

Caring for the Elderly and promoting happy elderly life

In 2022, the number of elderly people over 65 years old in Taiwan has exceeded 4 million, and Taiwan is facing the challenge of becoming a super-aging society. To enable the elderly to have a good quality of life, FEDS organizes activities with local governments, charities and other groups from time to time to encourage the elderly to go outdoors more, create a comfortable and healthy life for the elderly, and realize the vision of social inclusion.

Support and promote local farmers

FEDS has been supporting local agriculture for a long time, making good use of the strength of distribution channels throughout Taiwan, holding agricultural products markets to sell Taiwanese agricultural specialties, so that consumers can directly buy the freshest agricultural products from farmers, practicing "local production, local consumption". In the past 3 years, FEDS has held 286 agricultural market activities, assembled more than 2,750 booths, exhibited and sold nearly 11,980 products, and created more than NT$1.03 billion in sales and business opportunities in the past 15 years. By promoting the purchase of local ingredients, we help small farmers solve production and marketing problems and promote the sustainable development of Taiwan's agriculture.