Company Info

As a leader among Taiwan’s listed department stores, Far Eastern Department Stores have been making progress with times in our innovation to become the new standards for Taiwan’s shopping malls. “Giving back” defines the fundamental value of our business philosophy. While pursuing steady growth of the company, we use the channel resources and advantages of department stores, care about environmental protection and public welfare, and invest positive forces to transform this land Hope to build a growing model of the sustainable development of economy, environment, and society, and lead the retail industry into a new era of sustainable development.

FEDS has established an excellent governance framework where division of labor is based on specialization and implementation of corporate governance in a modus operandi determined by responsibility. The functions of Board of Directors and information transparency are of paramount importance, and through the set-up of various supervisory committees, the efficacy of corporate governance and quality of decision made are heightened. Concurrently, FEDS participates actively in domestic and international department store-related associations to broaden business horizon and influence the industry to progress towards sustainable corporate operations. In addition, the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders as well as interests of other stakeholders are also ensured.

Basic information of FEDS

Year established1967
Location of headquarters18th Floor, No.16, Xinzhan Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
CapitalNT$14.169 billion
Products and servicesDepartment store retail
Sales marketsaiwan and Mainland China
Number of employees1,374
Primary affiliatesFE SOGO、 a.mart、city’super、The Mall
Operating locations47
Stock Code2903