Salary and Benefits

Improving compensation to attract excellent talents


人力資源部 定期調查市場薪酬

遠東百貨人力資源部定期調查市場薪酬水平,透過報章雜誌、同業交流等多元管道,掌握最新薪酬動態與留才資訊,提供具競爭力的薪酬福利。遠東百貨的薪酬制度涵蓋經濟性的固定薪資、變動獎金、員工福利;非經濟性的人才培育計畫、職務輪調、工作環境等 6 大面向,以全方位的薪酬制度,吸引外部人才並留任組織內優秀的關鍵人才,厚植人力資本,打造企業核心競爭力。

Comparison of starting salaries of FEDS entry-level staff and the national minimum wage

Minimum wage
Starting salary
  • Note: starting salary of entry-level staff ÷ national minimum wage. The minimum wage in 2022 was NT$25,250.

Comparison of the average salaries of the retail industry with the average salary of FEDS

Retail industry
  • Note: The data related to the average salary in the industry was obtained from the Directorate General of Budget of the Executive Yuan.

Generous benefits enrich employee life

FEDS Employee Welfare Committee regularly discusses welfare plans and provides a variety of benefits that exceed legal requirements, including 5 major categories such as work benefits and family care, with up to 27 welfare benefits. We also collaborate periodically with counter vendors to offer employee shopping discounts. In 2022, a total of 426 shopping discount offers were launched as a tangible gesture of appreciation to our hardworking employees. In the future, we plan to establish a “Welfare Platform” to provide more diverse and enriching welfare options for employees to choose.

Employee benefits of FEDS

Job benefits
  • Labor insurance
  • National Health Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Regular health check-ups
  • Compensation for work related injury
  • Compensation for severe injury or illness
  • Hospitalization comfort money
  • Lunar New Year bonus
  • Dragon Boat Festival bonus
  • Mid-autumn bonus
  • End of Year Party bonus
  • Birthday bonus
  • Anniversary incentive
  • Employee uniforms
Retirement benefits
  • Labor pension provision
  • Retirement gifts
Family care
  • Wedding bonus
  • Funeral subsidy
  • Employee childcare assistance
  • Child schooling subsidy
  • Maternity benefits
Shopping discounts
  • Employee shopping discounts
  • Counter discount vouchers
  • Affiliated enterprise product discount
Recreation and individual development
  • Social activities
  • Advanced education subsidies
  • Company trips

Regular health check-ups

FEDS gives its employees the best care, provides labor insurance and national health insurance, and fully subsidizes group insurance. We also regularly arrange employee health checks that are better than those stipulated by laws and regulations, and provide insurance items such as hospitalization medical insurance and cancer medical insurance to protect the health and well-being of employees. In 2022, the number of people insured for the National Health Insurance included 1,369 employees and 967 family members, and the Company totally paid NT$33.86 million. A total of 1,391 employees were covered by group insurance, and the Company paid NT$2.47 million during the year.

Employee Childcare Services

We have cooperated with 7 trustworthy cultural and educational institutions. Employees can choose convenient childcare services provided by their nearby branch schools and enjoy 7 benefits such as discounts on registration fees. The Employee Welfare Commission also provides school enrollment subsidies every year.

Employee club activities

FEDS has established “Administrative Measures for Employee Clubs” to encourage employees to set up LOHAS, healthy and service-oriented diversified clubs. Through club activities, employees can enhance their mutual communication, and at the same time, these activities are able to achieve the effect of relieving work pressure and cultivating personal leisure interests. FEDS had 5 new clubs in 2022, including table tennis club, bowling club, etc. The number of clubs increased by 2.5 times compared with the previous year.