Water Resource Management

Water resource management to improve water-use efficiency

The main water source of FEDS headquarters and branches comes from local reservoirs. In response to the water shortage crisis that may be caused by climate change, FEDS has been implementing water-saving management. Since 2019, the water resource management indicators have been set up, and the water use efficiency of each branch was tracked and managed every month starting from 2020. The Taoyuan Store is used as a demonstration store to introduce ISO 14046 water footprint certification, and the first water footprint inventory was completed in 2021. In 2022, we further included counter water consumption into the KPI control item, and conducted regular tracking and analysis. We hope that through more comprehensive management, we can effectively implement water conservation and improve water conservation results.









Water-use efficiency surpasses industry performance by 20%

In 2022, the total water consumption of FEDS’s 12 stores in Taiwan reached 2,076 thousand kiloliters, an increase of 32% compared with the previous year, mainly due to the opening of the Zhubei Store, the slowdown of the epidemic and the return of crowds. Excluding the opening of new stores, the total water consumption of the 11 existing stores was 1,730 thousand kiloliters, a slight increase of 10%. With the opening of new stores, the water consumption value of FEDS is still 20% better than the average value of the department store industry, which indicates our efforts in water management.

Water consumption in the past 5 years

  • Unit: thousand Kl
  • Note: FEDS XinYi A13 and the Zhubei Store were included in the statistics starting 2020 and 2022, respectively.








  • 註1:用水量值=單位樓地板用水量(公升÷平方公尺×日)
  • 註2:產業量值為2022年經濟部水利署節水績優單位用水指標的建議值。

Comprehensive water-saving measures

More than 90% of FEDS’s water consumption comes from “air-conditioning cooling water, kitchen water, and toilet water”. Considering the food safety requirements of kitchen water, we have listed “air-conditioning cooling water and toilet water” as key water-saving items. In addition to installing water-saving equipment and conducting water leakage detection in pipelines, each branch also reduces the water consumption of air-conditioning water towers by adjusting the conductivity of cooling water towers. FEDS has also installed a rainwater reclamation system at the corporate headquarters and 4 branches across Taiwan, with a total equipment capacity of 3,220 kiloliters to improve water-saving benefits.

Rainwater recycling tank capacity

  • Unit: kiloliter