Participation in Public Associations

FEDS actively participates in domestic and foreign public associations and related activities to expand its business horizons and contribute to its influence. FEDS is the Taiwan representative of the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores (IGDS) and regularly communicates with the international department store industry every year to promote the prosperous development of the industry and become a staunch force for internationalization and modernization of the department store industry in Taiwan.
FEDS joined a total of 47 important public associations at home and abroad in 2022, with a total expenditure of NT$1.72 million. We serve as director and supervisor in 5 public associations, including Retailers Association of Chinese Taipei, Taiwan Council of Shopping Centers and Commercial Real Estate, Center for Corporate Sustainability, The Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, and Taipei Department Store Merchant Association. We hope leveraging the power of the industrial associations to strengthen communication with peers, promote enterprise cooperation, prosper the development, and enhance the sustainable power together.

Number of public associations participated

Number of associations

Joining IGDS to enhance international vision

The Intercontinental Group of Department Stores (IGDS), the world’s largest department store association, serves 45 leading department stores from around the world, and provides members with exclusive support and keeping them informed of trend, development and innovation in the retail industry.

FEDS became the first Asian department store that joined IGDS in 1988. It is also the only department store in Taiwan to join IGDS for a long time. By participating in the IGDS events every year, FEDS obtains the latest global retail information and market information. Meanwhile, we promote the development and business model of of department store industry in Taiwan to the world to improve the internationalization and popularity of the department store industry in Taiwan.

The Intercontinental Group of Department Stores (IGDS) held the 7th Global Department Store Summit (GDSS) in Seattle from June 9th to 10th, 2022 and announced the top 10 World’s Best Sustainability Campaign by a Department Store in 2022. FEDS, Paris Department Stores in Chile, Selfridges in the UK, Woolworths in South Africa were shortlisted in the world’s TOP10 best sustainable department stores, and its sustainable performance has once again won international recognition.

Leverage influence and lead peer exchanges

Nancy Hsu, president of FEDS, held more than 133 events since she served as the chairperson of the Retailer’s Association of Chinese Taipei (hereinafter referred to as the Retailer’s Association) in January 2016, leading the Retailer’s Association to become a platform for exchange of opinions among peers, and playing the role of an industry think tank to provide the government with proper advice on the department store retail policy, with an aim to enhancing innovation and adding value to the department store industry. In 2022, the Retailer’s Association had 7 group members, 31 group representatives and 64 individual members, who held 15 events under four categories: “exchanges with government departments, international retail conferences, holding retail awards, and speeches by experts”.

Statistics of activities of the Retailer's Association