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FEDS values labor human rights, recognizes and follows the principles and spirit of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the Global Compact (UNGC), and formulates human rights policy accordingly. We also formulate and implement internal management policies to protect the rights and interests of employees in accordance with the “Labor Standards Act”, “Act of Gender Equality in Employment”, and “Occupational Safety and Health Act”

Description, At-risk Party and Management Unit of Human Rights Policy

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PolicyDescriptionImplementation status in 2022At-risk Party
Prohibition of child laborStrictly eliminate the possibility of employing child laborIn accordance with the Labor Standards Act, we strictly prohibit the employment of child labor.Job applicants
Prohibition of forced laborComply with labor laws and regulations, and prohibit any form of forcing employees to engage in labor services.The Company has established attendance regulations and Work Rules for employees and protects the labor rights of employees in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.All employees
Working and rest timeComply with labor laws and regulations to enable employees to enjoy the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable restrictions on working hours and the right to regular paid leave.The Company complies with labor laws and regulations to enable employees to enjoy the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable restrictions on working hours and the right to regular paid leave.All employees
Freedom of assembly and associationIn order to protect the rights and interests of employees, the Company is required to ensure that employees have the right to organize and join labor unions.The Company respects the basic human rights of employees, and has formulated the “Administrative Measures for Employee Clubs” to support employees’ assembly and association and joining various clubs or organizations, so as to protect employees’ freedom of association and collective negotiation.All employees
Implement equal employmentWhen recruiting employees, the Company is required to uphold the principles of fairness, justice, and openness, and eliminate illegal discrimination, while maintaining the right of employees to have equal pay for equal work without any discrimination.When recruiting employees, the Company has consistent salary standards.All employees
Anti-harassmentStrongly oppose all forms of harassment.The Company declares that it adopts the principle of “zero tolerance” for harassment in the workplace, and has formulated the “Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint, and Punishment of Sexual Harassment” to provide multiple channels for employees to file complaints and reports.All employees
Maternity protectionProtection of female employees.The Company attaches great importance to maternal health and is committed to establishing a friendly workplace. Apart from promoting the childcare leave without pay program in accordance with the law, we also provide maternity leave that is better than the requirement of the law. Meanwhile, we promote maternal health protection programs and have a high-quality breastfeeding environment for employees.Female employees
Physical and mental health and work-life balanceIn addition to providing employees with regular health check-ups that are better than the regulatory requirements, we encourage employees to form various clubs to increase interpersonal interaction and achieve a balance between work and life. we have also signed special contracts with a number of childcare facilities to address employees’ childcare needs, ensuring that employees do not have to worry about it.
  • In accordance with the “Occupational Safety and Health Act”, the Company has established a “prevention plan for illegal infringement in the performance of duties”, set up illegal infringement complaint hotlines and mailboxes and announced them in public areas. At the same time, the Company protects complainants and employees’ rights and interests in accordance with regulations.
  • The Company has formulated the “Administrative Measures for Employee Clubs” to encourage employees to participate in club activities to promote physical and mental health. At the same time, we have promoted the “Employee Health UP” plan for 4 consecutive years and provided regular health checks that are superior to laws and regulations to protect employees’ health and well-being.
  • In order to maintain the work-life balance of employees, the Company cooperates with safe and reliable cultural and educational enterprises, and employees’ children can enjoy discounts on registration fees. The Employee Welfare Committee also provides children’s enrollment subsidies every year, so that employees can work with peace of mind through multiple measures.
All employees
Smooth labor-management communication channelsEmployees can make any suggestions to the Company through labor-management meetings, welfare committee, employee opinion mailboxes, etc.The Company holds labor-management meetings on a quarterly basis and Employee Welfare Committee meetings every year to exchange opinions and ideas with employees. At the same time, it also has various communication channels such as employee opinion mailboxes and CSR mailboxes, allowing employees to put forward other suggestions to the company immediately.All employees

穩健人力 迎向新零售挑戰

As of the end of 2022, the total number of FEDS employees was 1,374, including 1,371 full-time employees, and 3 short-term contract employees. Compared with 2021, the number of employees has no significant changes, and contract employees enjoy the same training, benefits, and labor rights as full-time employees. For the important operating locations, FEDS employs 100% of Taiwanese high-level management. We are superior to our peers in terms of salary and benefits, along with comprehensive talent training, enabling FEDS to have a healthy workforce structure. In 2022, we had 265 new employees, with a new recruit rate of 19%, and the number of new employees increased by 6% compared to the previous year.

Employment contract of FEDS

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Full-time employees4908571,3475168721,3884988731,371
Non-official employees2810268123
Total number of employees4928651,3575188781,3964998751,374
Number of permanent employees4908571,3475168721,3884988731,371
Number of temporary employees2810268123
Number of employees without guaranteed hours000000000
  • Note1: Full-time employees are defined as those holding indefinite contracts and annual employees. Unofficial employees include temporary, seasonal short-term employees, monthly salary employees.
  • Note2: Long-term PTs are permanent employees; short-term PTs are temporary employees.
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CategoryWorkforce structureNew employeesResigned employees
AgeGenderNumber of peoplePercentageNumber of peoplePercentageNumber of peoplePercentageNumber of peoplePercentageNumber of peoplePercentageNumber of peoplePercentageNumber of peoplePercentageNumber of peoplePercentageNumber of peoplePercentage
29 years old and belowMale10830%12132%10931%4613%8422%7020%257%5414%6017%
30-49 years oldMale28136%28437%26635%172%203%253%31%243%405%
50 years old and aboveMale10346%11346%12447%11%00%00%11%42%83%
  • Note: Percentage of new and resigned employees = number of new and resigned employees ÷ the total number of employees in the age group.

Towards Establishing a Happy Workplace

Labor-management meetings promote harmonious employee and employer relations
FEDS holds labor-management meetings on a quarterly basis and occasionally holds meetings on specific topics to communicate with each other. Through mutually trusted communication channels to exchange ideas and opinions, both parties of employer and employee can reach consensus on various management measures. In 2022, we held a total of 4 labor-management meetings, with the main topics discussed covering labor conditions, welfare items, and meeting administration.
Eliminating discrimination to let employees work safely
FEDS eliminates and prevents any incidents of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment. We have established the “Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint, and Punishment of Sexual Harassment”, and made special explanations during the training of new personnel. At the same time, the announcement was made on the internal website and posted in public spaces such as the tea room, implementing the education on the issue of prevention of sexual harassment. If there are any sexual harassment complaints, the Human Resources Department of the head office and the business management office of the branch offices will receive the complaints, and a sexual harassment complaint review committee will be established for follow-up processing.
Allocating suitable working hours without forced labor
Due to the nature of the industry, FEDS is open all year round except for special circumstances, but we have not sacrificed the labor rights and interests of employees. In accordance with labor laws and regulations, FEDS adopts flexible working hours. We adjust and arrange schedules in advance for important scheduled activities, appropriately dispatch manpower, and do not force our employees to work. We are strictly forbidden to force employees to work through threats or inhumane treatment. However, if business volume is greater during holidays periods, we issue overtime pay or give paid compensatory leave, and make appropriate adjustments in the monthly scheduling so that employees can receive the rest they need.
Implementing occupational safety and health management
FEDS has established an “Occupational Safety and Health Policy”, and in accordance with Article 23 of the “Occupational Safety and Health Act”, an “Occupational Safety and Health Committee” has been established at the highest decision-making and management unit to formulate the “Occupational Safety and Health Committee Charter”, which stipulates the purpose and responsibilities of the committee. The Chairman of the “Occupational Safety and Health Committee” of FEDS is the President, and the committee members include department heads, medical (first aid) personnel, labor representatives, etc. The term of the members is 2 years. A meeting is held every quarter to review, coordinate and provide recommendations for matters related to the Company’s occupational safety and health. There are 8 labor representatives in this term’s Committee, accounting for 42% of the total number of the committee members. This proportion exceeded the stipulated requirement that labor representatives must hold more than one-third of the seats. The term of office is from August, 2022 to July, 2024.
FEDS Occupational Safety and Health Policy
  1. Compliance with national laws and regulations: Comply with domestic occupational safety and health laws and regulations during implementation.
  2. Good safety management: Implement employee education and training to reduce the risks of incidents.
  3. Health protection for employees: Strengthen employee health management and create a high-quality and healthy workplace.
  4. Participation of all employees: Provide a good communication platform for all employees so that they are involved in safety and health measures.
  5. Supervisors giving a lead: Fully support safety and health implementation to prevent occupational disasters.
  6. Achieve performance: Implement the PDCA management model to achieve zero-work disaster.
Multiple channels of communication are provided to listen to the voices of our employees
FEDS values the thoughts and opinions of its employees. The Company has established an internal employee complaint mechanism, and has also formulated the “Measures for Handling Employee Opinions”, which are explained in detail during the new employee training. The highest supervisor in charge of employee complaints is the President. No matter whether the employee voices opinions through the internal complaint mechanism or through external channels, we will actively deal with them and respond in a timely manner. The EIP system was officially launched in 2019, and it provides employees with a more complete communication platform via the “Message from the President”, the event boards, and questionnaires. In 2022, a total of 913 questionnaires were distributed to the employees to better understand the voices of their minds.
The rights and interests of counter personnel

Counter personnel are directly hired by various counter vendors. Although they are not employees of FEDS, we still require counter vendors to ensure the protection of the labor rights of its employees in accordance with the law and our counter contracts, and understand the needs of counter personnel through communication channels. If there is any violation of labor rights, the branches will respond to the counter vendors and ask them to protect the rights of the counter personnel, taking care of every partner in the FEDS family. As of the end of 2022, FEDS had a total of 15,819 counter personnel.

Being a sports company to encourage employees to get outdoors
After obtaining sports enterprise certification from the Sports Administration in 2021, FEDS continued to participate the I-SPORTS sports calendar online running and bicycle points competition activities in 2022, encouraging employees to run 10 kilometers a month or ride bicycles for 15 kilometers. By presenting the app certificate, you can get the points for FEDS’s “Health 99 Loyalty Card”, encouraging employees to exercise more to improve their health together. In the future, the Labor Safety Department also plans to co-organize a walking event with the Department of Health of New Taipei City to expand the benefits of employee health promotion activities.



Communication channels of employee opinions

Physical channels

Labor-management meetings
Occupational safety meetings
Welfare Committee meetings
Department meetings
Cross-functional department meetings
Company trips

Rules and Measures

Proposal Improvement Measures
Incentives for Innovative Proposals
Measures for Handling Employee Opinions
Employee opinion surveys

Virtual channels

President mailbox
Department mailbox
Contact mailbox on the Company’s official website
CSR mailbox
Internal bulletin
EIP platform

10 Actions of the Employee Health UP program

FEDS strives to create a warm and healthy workplace and we have been promoting the “Employee Health UP” program for 4 consecutive years. Through 10 health action programs to care for employees’ well-beings, every FEDS employee can “Work Hard & Work Happy!”.