Talent Cultivation

Talent cultivation is an important foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises. FEDS has planned a comprehensive talent cultivation system. The talent training plan starts with the recruitment plan of trainees from cooperating industries, and current employees are provided with professional training courses based on their ranks and functions to improve their capabilities. FEDS also designs exclusive foundational training courses and core competency training courses for counter staff. Service quality is enhanced through training, so that customers can experience better shopping services.

Employee training and development

FEDS has planned complete courses for its employees according to their different professional needs. In 2022, the total number of employees’ training hours was 20,207, and the total number of trainees was 17,726, with an average of 14.7 hours. The training blueprint of FEDS focuses on new recruits, professionals, and various management levels, and FEDS plans the three major courses such as basic training, core business training, and self-development training. In 2022, the expenditure in education and training exceeded NT$650,000. Through sound training mechanism and a combination of physical and online courses, we continue to improve the capabilities of employees, and work together with employees to grow steadily.

Employee Training Hours

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Supervisory positions18.519.61913.813.913.814.71514.8
General employees16.214.615.314.514.314.417.517.417.5
Sales personnel10.
  • Unit: hours
  • Note: Sales personnel include long-term and short-term PT.

Employee training blueprint

General training for new recruits to fit into new environment quickly

General training for new recruits to fit into new environment quickly

On the day of onboarding, 4-hour basic courses are arranged, including company introduction, attendance regulations, insurance benefits, fire protection and occupational safety, and the unit supervisor or senior staff will guide the implementation of each type of work so as to help the new recruits to quickly grasp the scope of the work.
Cumulating professional knowledge to build an advance FEDS

Cumulating professional knowledge to build an advance FEDS

FEDS designs different internal and external professional training courses based on job category, including work management, communication expression, development of decision-making, data analysis, and workplace psychology. 48 courses were opened in 2022 to promote the development of employee capabilities.
Management and leadership training to improve core management skills

Management and leadership training to improve core management skills

FEDS holds management ability training courses for managers of management units of head office and branch offices, focusing on four major categories, including industry trends, new legal regulations, government policies, and leadership management to effectively enhance core management capabilities.

Digital learning projects to improve the training system

FEDS has operating bases all over Taiwan. In order to allow employees from all over the country to receive comprehensive training, and to reduce the commuting time for traveling to and from the training venue, FEDS has launched digital learning projects in phases. In 2019, we have set up an “online learning network” on the employee portal EIP to facilitate employees to browse course contents anytime and anywhere, and achieve the phased goal of digital learning 1.0. In order to further expand the benefits of digital learning, at the end of 2022, the Human Resources Department promoted digital learning 2.0, and started planning two major projects, “digital learning platform construction” and “training resource integration”, so as to create a more convenient learning atmosphere and enhance employees’ professional capabilities.

Counter Staff Training and Education

In 2022, FEDS’s counter staff had a total of 15,872 hours of training, an increase of 10% over the previous year, and the total number of trainees reached 15,819, an increase of 21% over the previous year. Training content of counter staff included personnel attendance, labor safety, clothing and grooming, cash register operation, explanations of various gift certificates and coupons, electronic carriers, introduction to the functions of FEDS app, etc. Among them, in response to the new opening of the Zhubei Store, FEDS specifically reinforced the training for the new counter staff of the store in 2022, so that the counter staff can fully understand the relevant work regulations and are equipped with required business skills in order to provide customers with a better shopping experience. During the period, a total of 3 sessions of the training were conducted, with a total of 667 trainees and 2,668 hours of training.




Hours of Training

Average training hours of counter personnel

Total hours of training17,32614,48515,872
Number of counter personnel14,09813,04715,819
Average training hours1.21.11.0

3 cores training for counter personnel

Basic training for new recruits

Basic training for new recruits

Each store provides periodic basic training courses, including company culture, attendance, safety and sanitation, and store service standards to help new counter recruits integrate quickly into the environment.
Professional competency training

Professional competency training

In line with the Company's diversified services, professional training courses are provided, including Operation of cash registers, payment tools, introduction to various gift certificates and coupons, FEDS app, etc. to strengthen their professional skills during the on-site period.
Self-improvement training

Self-improvement training

FEDS arranges diverse seminars on non-work-related topics, including Health information, seasonal fashion, stress relief, etc. to provide counter personnel with opportunities for diversified development and ongoing self-improvement.

Talent cultivation is an important foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Performance evaluation promotes outstanding employees

FEDS has a performance evaluation and promotion system for employees, with clear performance targets in each stage ranging from new recruits to regular annual evaluations, as well as comprehensive evaluations and incentive measures. We also provide open and transparent promotion or transfer channels. During the employee’s years of service, supervisors will evaluate them according to their educational attainments, conduct, work competency and performance at any time. Moreover, professional training and job rotation are organized on the basis of the company’s business development needs and personal job willingness surveys, enhancing employees’ experience and promoting them to suitable positions.

In 2022, the total number of transferred employees in the head office and branches was 128, and the transfer rate was 9.4%. The transfer of employees is handled in accordance with the five principles of transfer stipulated in the laws and regulations of the competent authority to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The relevant regulations are all explained during the training courses for new recruits upon onboarding, and are clearly stipulated in the Company’s Work Rules. Also, they are publicly disclosed on the Company’s internal website for employees’ reference.

Employee performance evaluation ratios in the last 3 years

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Supervisory positions100%100%100%100%100%100%
General employees100%100%100%100%100%100%
Sales personnel100%100%100%100%100%100%

Frequency of performance appraisal

Evaluation of new recruitsEmployee performance evaluation
Full six months1 yearMonthlyQuarterlyAnnually