Green Transportation

綠色運輸 加速節能減碳

FEDS implemented the green transportation action in 2022, starting from four aspects, including encouraging employees to take public transportation for business trips, providing shuttle bus services for customers, replacing outdated company vehicles, and pre-managing the traffic flow of anniversary activities. Through all-round response to green transportation, the carbon reduction will be accelerated.

Over 70% of employees travel by public transportation

Since 2017, FEDS has encouraged its employees to take public transportation for business trips. So far, more than 44,000 people have responded, and the response rate has exceeded 70% for six consecutive years. In 2022, the total number of employee on business trips was 11,058, and 8,183 people used public transportation to and from the place of business trip, accounting for 74% of the total. In addition, we have also adopted a multi-pronged approach to reduce carbon emissions from transportation through 285 video interviews and the establishment of an company car-sharing system.

Number of shuttle bus passengers

  • Unit: 10,000 people

Providing 120,000 customers with shuttle bus service

From the perspective of caring for customers and being friendly to the environment, FEDS has set up shuttle buses at 4 branches, including the Banqiao Store, Mega City Banqiao Store, the Hsinchu Store, and the Zhubei Stoer, making it convenient for shoppers to take them, and reducing the carbon footprint created by transportation during shopping. In 2022, the total number of passengers carried reached 118,000, and the cumulative number of passengers in the past three years has reached 465,000.

Replacement of old company vehicles

FEDS headquarters and its branches have a total of 20 company vehicles with an average service life of 10 years. Considering the high air pollutant emissions of old vehicles, 14 company vehicles have been replaced by new environmentally friendly vehicles in 2022. In the future, it is expected to replace vehicles that are more than 10 years old in stages to reduce air pollution.

Gasoline usage

  • unit: liter

Preemptively manage traffic during events

To address the traffic congestion caused by the annual sales event, FEDS proactively communicates with local transportation authorities and police departments before the event. FEDS assesses the impact on traffic and develops traffic diversion measures to ensure smooth traffic and minimize the impact on the local community during the event. In 2022, for the first time in Top City Taichung Store area, dynamic parking information display panels were introduced. These panels provided real-time information on available parking spaces in nearby parking lots, directions to the parking lots, and distances to the parking lots. The Taichung City Government also offered free shuttle buses between the MRT City Hall Station and designated parking lots.

Major traffic control measures for the anniversary celebration